3 Ways to Make Teachers Like You

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3 Ways to Make Teachers Like You
3 Ways to Make Teachers Like You

You can't be the darling of every teacher, but you can make an effort to make them like you more. When you participate in class by doing activities, paying attention and asking questions, teachers notice your interest and welcome you. In addition, it is important to have good manners, be respectful and keep your personal hygiene up to date to demonstrate that you care about the class. Create a good relationship with the teacher by visiting his room, taking a little gift on special dates and valuing his opinion.


Method 1 of 3: Participating in Class

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 1

Step 1. Deliver tasks on time

The easiest way to earn the teacher's esteem is to finish homework and classroom exercises within the allotted time. Delivering tasks halfway or asking for more time shows that you don't know how to work to deadlines or, worse, that you don't care about the material.

  • Are you having difficulty? Ask for help. All the teacher wants is to teach, so take the chance to clear up your doubts and show interest in learning.
  • Do tasks in advance and don't wait until the last minute to get started!
  • Be honest with the teacher when you forget to do the activity. Maybe he'll be mad, but he'll like the honesty.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 2

Step 2. Pay attention in class and participate in discussions

Teachers generally like what they teach, so it's often relatively simple to please them: focus on the lesson and be curious about the subject. If they ask you to answer something, don't be shy. Talk to classmates and the teacher and show that you want to learn more about the subject.

  • You don't like the subject very much? Participate anyway to get the message out that you want to know more.
  • You may find that when you try hard to participate in the class, you end up getting really interested in the subject.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 3

Step 3. Listen carefully to the instructions

Whenever the teacher gives directions for an assignment, activity or test, pay close attention so that you don't have to ask about what has already been said. Read the instructions carefully and follow them to get a nice note and not upset the GM.

By asking him what he just said, you appear to be a lazy person who doesn't hear a word of what is said in the classroom


when you need clarification or help, ask and follow directions correctly. Say something like "I'm sorry, but I just want to make sure I really understand: can you repeat the directions?"

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 4

Step 4. When teachers ask the class a question, offer to answer

They often post a question and wait for students to raise their hand to answer. Do you know exactly what to say? Say it. If you don't know so well, show your reasoning so they can see that you are trying to understand and learn the subject.

  • When you have no idea what to say, make eye contact to show that you're listening but don't know the answer.
  • Some questions are rhetorical and should not be answered. Pay attention in class to get a sense of when you should or shouldn't say something.
  • It is normal to give an incorrect answer. It's part of learning and teachers like to see students' effort.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 5

Step 5. Raise interesting questions and that have to do with matter.

Ask questions that show you have read the indicated book or completed your homework. Be specific and don't ask too open questions like, "I don't understand, what does this mean?"

  • For example, ask an interesting question about the recommended reading in the last class: “I understand that the protagonist had a childhood trauma. Is that why he can't have a real relationship with the woman who loves him?”
  • Ask about the material to demonstrate that you are paying attention.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 6

Step 6. Read the supplementary material to go further

Teachers are very happy to see that they inspire students to explore the subjects further and not limit themselves to what is asked for on the test. If you really want to impress a teacher, deepen your knowledge to make more interesting classroom discussions.

  • For example, many literature textbooks have a recommended reading list to help you understand the text better. Take these readings and gain more solid knowledge.
  • Search the internet for more information on the topic and apply what you learn in the classroom.
  • Ask the teacher for an indication of supplementary materials. He will be delighted with your interest in studying further.

Method 2 of 3: Showing Manners

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 7

Step 1. Be on time and well prepared for class

It is a very important attitude to win the teacher's esteem. Try to arrive about five minutes before class starts so you have time to pack up and get everything ready.

Take whatever you are going to use in class

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 8

Step 2. Be nice and welcoming to classmates

Teachers don't like people who treat other students badly or make light of ideas and questions during class. Everyone is there to learn, so be kind to others.

  • Allow space for other people to speak and ask questions.
  • Never mock or insult a classmate.
  • Chances are you'll have to do group work, so it's essential to have a nice and respectful relationship with everyone.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 9

Step 3. Be respectful and educated.

Never disrespect the teacher, even if you strongly disagree with something. You want him to like you, don't you? Be polite and friendly at school.

  • Greet him whenever he enters the room or leaves.
  • Chat to improve the mood. For example, say something like: "Did you see the game yesterday?"
  • If the teacher says you're wrong, don't rebut or argue.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 10

Step 4. Don't leave your cell phone on top of your wallet

It's really bad to be glued to your phone screen while you're talking, but it's even worse and more disrespectful when you use your phone to text or play games during class. Activate silent mode and put your cell phone in your backpack.

  • Follow school and teacher guidelines on the use of electronic devices.
  • If you want to record the lesson to listen later, let the teacher know so that he understands what you are doing with your cell phone or recorder.

Tip: If you need to leave your cell phone nearby in case of an emergency or because you are expecting a very important call, talk to the teacher.

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 11

Step 5. Maintain good hygiene habits and dress appropriately

Teachers like to see that students get ready to go to class because they show interest. Your clothes should always be clean and neat.

  • You don't need to wear a suit, of course, but wear a clean, well-kept uniform to show that you didn't leave the house the way you woke up.
  • Wash your hair and apply deodorant. Nobody likes to be around someone who smells bad!

Method 3 of 3: Creating a Good Relationship

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 12

Step 1. Thank the teacher whenever he helps you

When he gives you a pointer or shows you what you have to do to improve your grades, show your gratitude. A simple “thank you” has much more effect than you might think.

  • Thank him privately: stay a little after class or go to his office to sound sincere.
  • Whenever he emails you back, write “thank you” to thank him for responding to the request or question you asked.
Get a Teacher to Like You Step 13

Step 2. Give a little gift on Teacher's Day

Remember that Teachers' Day is October 15th and use the date to give a gift that is appropriate and has to do with your teacher.

  • You can also give something for your birthday or the last day of school.
  • Give a gift that matches his or her tastes or interests. For example, if he's a fan of the Star Wars saga, bring a T-shirt or a poster of the movies.


how about giving a funny gift to make him laugh? Try bringing a mug with the phrase “students' tears” or a trash can with the words “file your complaint here”.

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 14

Step 3. Stop by his room

In some schools, teachers receive students in the classroom to talk about their work and activities or ask questions. Also take the opportunity to say "hi".

When he has time, talk about the exam and supplementary materials

Get a Teacher to Like You Step 15

Step 4. Ask the teacher to recommend a course or talk about college and career options

Thus, you show that you respect and value his opinion, in addition to receiving important information for your future from someone more experienced than you.

  • It is normal to have doubts about which career to pursue and the teacher is a person who can really help.
  • Teachers know the skills and interests of students, so make the most of this opportunity.

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