3 Ways to Prepare a Necessary for School

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3 Ways to Prepare a Necessary for School
3 Ways to Prepare a Necessary for School

Every now and then, every girl needs a few basic items - even when she's in class: a first-aid kit, tampons and other supplies and, of course, makeup products. That way, you can assemble an emergency kit and never have any problems like that, especially at these inconvenient times. Read this article to find out what to include!


Method 1 of 3: Including Basic First Aid and Hygiene Items

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 1

Step 1. Choose a case or a small bag to store all the items

The exact size of this bag depends specifically on what you want to include in the kit, but the important thing is that it has room for at least some pads and other basic items. Buy a makeup bag at any cosmetic or stationery store!

  • Don't forget that the kit still has to be portable and fit in your backpack, purse or suitcase - depending on where you want to store it.
  • Depending on your age, your parents may have to ask permission from the school before you start walking around with the toilet bag. In that case, build an even smaller and more portable kit.
Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 2

Step 2. Include baby wipes in the kit

A good pack of baby wipes comes in handy at certain times. Put one of them in the makeup bag to clean up after gym class or when you go to the bathroom, for example.

These handkerchiefs have many other uses, such as if you pour some juice on your uniform at break time

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 3

Step 3. Include a trip-size deodorant for emergencies

Sometimes, when a girl is menstruating, she goes through hormonal changes and ends up giving off a stronger smell than usual. So, include a quality deodorant in the kit - not just for those hours, but for everyday eventualities as well. You will be so relieved!

If there is room in the kit, include a full-size deodorant

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 4

Step 4. Include alcohol gel in case you are unable to wash your hands

Any place circulated by many people ends up accumulating germs, which is also true for schools. As you won't always be able to wash your hands with soap and water, it doesn't hurt to put a small bottle of gel alcohol in the kit.

  • Use alcohol gel if you can't wash your hands before eating, after going to the bathroom, or accidentally touching something fishy or disgusting, like gum stuck under your wallet.
  • You can even make a hand sanitizer by mixing aloe vera and essential oils with isopropyl alcohol or witch hazel!
Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 5

Step 5. Include a toothbrush, mouthwash or peppermint in the kit

Whoever has bad breath at school ends up gaining the reputation of being unhygienic! So put a toothbrush and toothpaste in the kit, or at least a small bottle of mouthwash or a pack of peppermints.

Buy those portable toothbrushes, which fold in half and don't take up as much space in the kit

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 6

Step 6. Include an extra pair of lenses or glasses if you have vision problems

You'd better put a pair of lenses or glasses in the kit in case you have an emergency, like losing the glasses you're currently wearing.

  • If you don't have an extra pair of lenses or glasses, ask your parents to buy them at the optician with the prescription from the ophthalmologist. They don't even need to spend a fortune; they can opt for cheaper alternatives that fulfill the basic function.
  • If you prefer to wear contact lenses, include some cleaning solution in the kit as well, in addition to the extra pair itself.
Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 7

Step 7. Include a small first aid kit in the case if you suffer minor injuries

You will most likely receive care at school if you have a minor injury. Still, it doesn't hurt to include a first aid kit in the case in case you cut yourself with paper, scrape some part of your body, and so on!

A basic first-aid kit might include bandages, antibacterial ointment or spray, and alcohol wipes

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 8

Step 8. Include over-the-counter medications (which the school doesn't prohibit, of course)

Depending on school rules, your parents may have to ask the coordination's permission for you to carry certain medications around. This is especially true for prescription drugs, which can be dangerous if taken in the wrong way.

If the school allows students to carry over-the-counter or prescription medications, include ibuprofen or acetaminophen in the kit in case they get a headache, cramps, or the like

Method 2 of 3: Preparing for your menstrual cycle

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 9

Step 1. Include two or three tampons or tampons in the bag

Don't put the entire box of tampons in the toilet bag, or it will no longer be portable and take up a lot of space. Take only the essentials for a normal day - and replace them when you get home. Separate pieces of one or both types, depending on your preference.

  • External pads take up less space in the kit, but internal pads are easier to use.
  • You can also put some panty protectors on the makeup bag.


also include reusable menstrual cups or pads, especially if you do not have easy access to these feminine care products where you live.

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 10

Step 2. Include one or two changes of underwear in the bag

You'll be much more comfortable if you can change your underwear as soon as you start menstruating. Therefore, include in the kit a couple of pieces made with light and airy materials, such as cotton, that are well folded (so that they take up less space).

If there's room, you can even add an extra pair of leggings or shorts in case you need to change clothes

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 11

Step 3. Include some zip lock bags in the kit for putting on dirty clothes

If you have to change your underwear at school, it's much better to have a place to keep your dirty clothes after you take them off. So, include some zip lock bags in the kit. Close them tightly after putting on your panties and as soon as you get home, throw everything in the machine!

These bags are also useful for items that might spill or spill liquid, such as makeup products or your toothbrush

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 12

Step 4. Include money in case you have to buy tampons on the way to class

Even if you include tampons in the kit, you might end up forgetting to restock when the time is right - or have a heavy flow in a day and have to use more than one spare item. In that case, keep money in the kit in case you have to stop by a drugstore near the school.

  • Ask a teacher or other trusted adult for help in case something like this happens.
  • Do not worry! This person will not judge you or spread what happened out there.

Method 3 of 3: Including Makeup Products

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 13

Step 1. Include a compact mirror and concealer in the kit

You may have to touch up your makeup throughout the day, especially when you're on your period - and concealer will help mask the pimples that pop up on your face. Also include a good powder or foundation to adjust your skin color.

  • Also include lipstick and lip gloss.
  • If you are used to putting on makeup before class, you don't need to reapply items like mascara, eye shadow and foundation throughout the day.
  • Also include a make-up remover or wet wipes to clean your face. You may have to take off your makeup if you have an accident or if it starts to rain on the way to school, for example.
Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 14

Step 2. Include a lip balm

Even if you're not in the habit of applying makeup, it doesn't hurt to put a lip balm in the kit in case your mouth peels. The shield tube is small and breaks a bad branch on dry and windy days.


don't lend your lip balm to anyone. Even if the person does not appear to be sick, they can still carry and transmit harmful bacteria.

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 15

Step 3. Include a small jar of skin cream in the kit

The hands get a little dry during the day, especially when using a lot of alcohol gel. Some people even feel pain in their limbs. Therefore, include a small pot of skin cream in the kit and use in these situations.

If possible, include a small pot with those pump caps, which are practical and convenient

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 16

Step 4. Include a bottle of perfume in the kit

You probably won't need perfume or anything like that if you have deodorant, baby wipes, and clean clothes in your kit. However, if you want to have a pleasant smell all the time, it doesn't hurt to give a few sprays of a travel-sized perfume.

Choose a pleasant-smelling perfume, not too strong, and apply at most once or twice. People can be annoyed if your smell takes over the classroom

Prepare an Emergency School Kit for Girls Step 17

Step 5. Include hair products you use frequently

You can even start the day with beautiful hair, but factors such as humidity and physical activity end up affecting the appearance and health of the strands after a few hours. Thinking like that, always carry a little xuxinha and other accessories, such as a comb or a brush.

  • Include brushes, hairpins, comb or brush, hairspray and other such items in the kit.
  • If your hair looks greasy after you've been doing physical activity (in gym class, for example), include a travel-sized dry shampoo in your kit and run it through the roots every now and then.

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