3 Ways to Get Something To Do in a Boring Class

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3 Ways to Get Something To Do in a Boring Class
3 Ways to Get Something To Do in a Boring Class

Some classes are unbearably tedious, but don't despair: you can always find some fun activity to kill time at school! Make up a game, write a story, memorize the notebook, or just try to pay attention to the teacher - with a little effort, these hours can be much more tolerable.


Method 1 of 3: Getting Distracted During Class

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Step 1. Read a magazine, book, or comic book

Hide your chosen publication inside your textbook - so remember that it should be smaller or the same size as the book. Look at the board from time to time to pretend you're paying attention in class, and also to make sure the teacher isn't walking around the room.

Comic books, paperbacks and small magazines are easier to hide

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 2

Step 2. Learn to spin a pencil around your thumb

Find out how to balance a slightly heavy but soft tipped pen or pencil on your fingers. When you can, hold the pencil between your thumb and forefinger, and use your middle finger to push it around your thumb - grab the pencil as it spins towards your hand and be careful not to drop it!

  • This trick takes some practice, so it's a great way to kill some time during class.
  • Keep in mind that the pencil will fall out several times when you are learning to spin it, and maybe this hobby is only a good idea for students sitting in the back of the room.
Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 3

Step 3. Turn the lesson into a game

Have fun counting the number of students wearing a particular item of clothing, or try to guess the color of the next car that will pass in front of the window - you can also place bets with your colleague in the desk next door.

Play light and fun games, and remember to be polite and respectful to your peers, especially those who are paying attention in class

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 4

Step 4. Chew gum or suck on a candy

A treat will be a good option for dull moments if the teacher allows food in the classroom, as this will keep you awake and provide something to do. If you have different flavors, you can also close your eyes and try to guess the flavor of the candy or gum, turning everything into a game.

Sweets raise blood sugar levels, so they'll help you stay awake

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 5

Step 5. Play a game on tablet or computer if you have permission

Some schools offer computers or tablets during certain classes for students to take notes or exercise - if you're that lucky, you can open one of their social networks or a simple game like Minesweeper or Snake during a very boring class. Remember that people around you will be able to see your screen, so don't open any questionable websites.

  • Leave your tablet or notebook in your backpack if these devices aren't allowed in the classroom - using them on the sly isn't very easy, and the teacher could end up confiscating one if you're caught red-handed.
  • Don't forget to mute any equipment so you don't disturb other students, and if you're in the computer lab, ask the teacher if you can use headphones.
Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 6

Step 6. Exchange text messages with your friends

This suggestion is risky if your school does not allow the use of phones during class - keep the cell phone out of the teacher's sight (by hiding it under your desk, in your pocket, or behind a book) and send short messages, which may be typed quickly and without looking, like "Dying with boredom in class."

Think of a place to hide your phone in case the teacher goes to your desk

Method 2 of 3: Writing or Drawing

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 7

Step 1. Advance the lesson from another class

If you have a simple homework for English class or some easy equations for your math homework, start working on them now. Do your homework quickly and discreetly, and don't forget to look at the board every now and then to pretend you're taking notes.

If you are afraid of having your homework confiscated, ask the teacher if you can do the homework during the lesson - some teachers give this permission when the student has finished the assignments for the lesson in question

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 8

Step 2. Write a to-do list or weekly schedule

If you're too busy with other subjects, use this class to list all the tasks you need to do during the week, clearing your head - for example, create a schedule with the steps needed for an important job, or a study schedule for the bimonthly tests. Make different lists for each subject, or simply write a single list for all activities and subjects.

  • Lists encourage creativity and help ease the anxiety associated with school assignments and exams.
  • You'll also be able to create lists of whatever you want - go ahead if you want to list your ten favorite movies or books!
Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 9

Step 3. Use colored pencils or markers to draw and decorate your notebook

When you get to that point where you feel like you've written a million things down and can't pay attention in class at all, stop for a moment and reread your notes. Mark the most important parts of the text, underline topics that should be on the test, and turn the most important ideas and information into small drawings - the highlights and scribbles will help you remember the content when it's time to study.

  • This activity will keep you entertained and involved with the class material, meaning you will study a little bit!
  • Another option is to draw geometric figures, circles, or even random shapes in the margins of the notebook - most teachers don't mind students doodling a little, as it keeps them busy and silent.
Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 10

Step 4. Write a short story

Make up a story about your favorite fictional character, your biggest idol, or even yourself! Put pen to paper and let thoughts flow freely by writing a short story - look at the board every now and then to give the impression that you're copying the story.

Tip: Anyone who likes to write can always carry a separate notebook in their backpack for this hobby - when you're bored in class, pick up your notebook and pick up the story from where you left off!

Method 3 of 3: Trying to Pay Attention

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 11

Step 1. Make very detailed notes to maintain concentration on matter.

The class won't be so boring if you can understand the subject; print any materials the teacher has made available to the class, such as the syllabus, and use them in conjunction with the book to take notes during class.

  • Don't forget to write down all your doubts about the subject, and clarify them with the teacher at the end of the class.
  • Annotations can be arranged however you see fit, so list the main points, use abbreviations, create titles and subtitles, or combine all of these options - choose what works for you.

Make notes less boring

use a pen in your favorite color.

list the most important points of the matter.

Draw pictures and images of the most complex subjects to facilitate their understanding.

type it computer notes to review content after class.

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 12

Step 2. Follow the lesson and listen to the teacher very carefully

Even if the subject isn't fascinating, you'll spend less time doing your homework if you pay attention in class, and you'll save yourself a lot of heartache when it's time for the test. If you feel too bored to take notes in your notebook, simply join the class by reading the book or listening to the teacher.

Ask to sit at one of the desks at the front if you are having trouble concentrating - that way you'll know the teacher can see you during class

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 13

Step 3. Ask questions and participate in class discussions

Time will go by much faster if you are involved in the material, clarifying doubts about the text of the book or comparing your point of view with the opinion of other students. Offer help with presentations or group activities to show interest in the class.

When you have a question, raise your hand and make eye contact with the teacher - because they want students to understand the material, most teachers don't mind clarifying during class

Find Things to Do in a Boring Class Step 14

Step 4. Use group activities to chat with friends and classmates

Some teachers ask students to form pairs or groups for certain exercises, projects or homework - take the opportunity to talk with your classmates about the material, or to ask questions if you are confused or lost. You'll have plenty of time to chat about whatever you want if you finish the exercises early!

If you already know all the material by heart, try to help colleagues who are struggling - this will keep you involved and interested in the class


  • Use a good quality pen or pencil to take notes - tablets or notebooks can be great sources of distraction for many students.
  • Pay attention during the end of the class to find out about any work or homework assignments - you will have to ask your classmates for help if you miss the teacher's explanation.
  • Keep a notebook just for notes and, during class, write down questions related to the subject. Later, try to answer these questions on your own - this practice will help you a lot during exams.

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