How to Survive a Class You Hate (with Pictures)

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How to Survive a Class You Hate (with Pictures)
How to Survive a Class You Hate (with Pictures)

Found a story you hate? Everyone has been through this! Read on to learn how to maintain a positive attitude and survive the semester's most boring classes!


Part 1 of 3: Maintaining Positivity

Survive the Class You Hate Step 1

Step 1. Cheer up every day

Even the worst class in the world doesn't have to be martyrdom, just develop a little ritual to cheer you up. The process will get you excited enough to attend class without having to die.

Listen to lively music. Take advantage of the energy you've gained and bring it to class. This should help you get at least halfway through your period without dying of boredom

Survive the Class You Hate Step 2

Step 2. Maintain the energy level in the class

If you don't like the subject or the teacher, it's very easy to try to make the most of the time you'll waste sleeping, but maintaining your energy levels will make it easier to pay attention and stay active in class. The more active, the less bored. The less bored, the better the class.

  • Get at least eight hours of sleep before classes, especially before classes you're not looking forward to. Everything seems more boring when you're sleepy.
  • Exercising lightly before class should help you maintain energy levels. Run to the bathroom and do some jumping jacks.
Survive the Class You Hate Step 3

Step 3. Reward yourself with an appetizer

Math class will look better when you have a candy bar in your backpack waiting to be eaten. Depending on school rules, you can use the class to eat the chocolate, but ideally, leave the appetizer for the end of class as a reward for surviving.

Processed sugar-rich snacks give you an energy spike, but "steal" that same energy later, making it difficult to concentrate on later classes. Instead of just eating chocolates and candies, try a fruit or a handful of nuts

Survive the Class You Hate Step 4

Step 4. Get ready for school

Appearance can affect feelings: if you dress like you don't want to be in class, you will feel that way. Change into a new outfit or spend extra time getting ready before the lessons you hate to feel confident and refreshed.

Survive the Class You Hate Step 5

Step 5. Customize school materials

Do your best to decorate notebooks, textbooks - when allowed, of course - and notes. Purchase colored pens and stickers to add an extra touch to your binder's dividers. Even if the class is terrible, you'll still have something you like around you.

Part 2 of 3: Controlling boredom

Survive the Class You Hate Step 6

Step 1. Find something cool in class

Not all classes are fun all the time, but it's possible to find something you like and focus on it in the meantime. It doesn't have to be a matter of course: enjoy something in the room, a friend, or your own thoughts.

  • Find a friend or crush in the room. Take advantage of the tedious time to think of good topics to talk about on the way out.
  • Don't completely ignore the subject matter. You have to go through boring law classes to get to moments of epic battles in history classes.
Survive the Class You Hate Step 7

Step 2. Daydream a little

From time to time, enjoy daydreaming without completely sacrificing attention. A recent study found that allowing controlled daydreams helps us focus our minds and retain information.

  • Make up stories about the people in the class: who is more likely to be an alien in disguise? Who has a crush on the teacher? Who would survive the zombie apocalypse?
  • Think about what you will do when you get home. Netflix and a hot cheese? Sounds like a great idea.
  • Think about what animals other students look like. Who looks more like a squirrel or a wolf? This silly prank is quite fun.
Survive the Class You Hate Step 8

Step 3. Find a relationship between the material studied and something that interests you

Instead of math, think of the class as astronaut training that teaches you formulas for crafting a trajectory to the Moon. Instead of a PE class, imagine yourself in a training center for athletes and geniuses. No matter what interests you, imagine that the class is something else to make time go faster.

Survive Class You Hate Step 9

Step 4. Make notes and drawings

Notes keep you connected in class, while drawings and scribbles help you pass the time faster. Many people think that drawing will distract you from the material, but that is not true.

Recent studies have found that people who draw in classes or meetings retain more information as they stay active. Listening is a passive activity that can end up distracting people

Survive Class You Hate Step 10

Step 5. Find a silent activity to do during class

Keep your mind busy making up a game to pass the time. Disguise the situation well so as not to get scolded by the teacher and use the moment to distract yourself and survive the class.

  • Disassemble and assemble your pen as quickly as possible. Time progress to always improve. If possible, play with a friend.
  • Sit by the window and watch the world outside. Score points for every bird or car you find. Challenge friends to do the same.
  • Make things move with your mind. Think hard and the girl sitting in front of you will scratch her forehead through your mental commands. Well, it doesn't hurt to try!
Survive the Class You Hate Step 11

Step 6. Behave yourself

If you don't like the class because you always get into trouble, you will only make the situation worse by misbehaving. The idea is to survive the class, so learn to maintain good posture and behave yourself. If you need to be a clown, be subtle; try to spend the class chatting with a friend without getting caught.

  • Teasing the teacher won't get you anywhere. Don't respond or cause problems in class as you will only make things worse.
  • If you hate class because you find it difficult or because you can't pay attention, talk to an adult - a parent, a psychologist or even your teacher. Maybe it's better to move to another class.

Part 3 of 3: Surviving the semester

Survive the Class You Hate Step 12

Step 1. Make new friends

A boring class will be much better throughout the semester if you find friends. Facing an unbearable class alone will only make things worse. A friend can help you vent your class frustrations.

If you don't know anyone, come up with a reason to start talking: "Nice shirt, what's your name?". Ready

Survive the Class You Hate Step 13

Step 2. Go to class prepared

Do your homework, bring the necessary materials, and be willing to face the class. Teachers tend to pick on lazy students, which only makes the experience worse. Pay attention to the material so you don't get confused and stay active during the lesson. As bad as doing homework is, it has to be done.

  • Start by taking the lessons you like least. You'll get rid of them quickly and the rest will be easier.
  • If possible, go ahead with the lesson. One of the best ways to avoid getting stressed out about a lesson is to finish it while the class is going on, as long as the teacher doesn't complain and that doesn't stop you from paying attention to the current subject.
Survive the Class You Hate Step 14

Step 3. Strive enough to pass the year

You don't have to kill yourself to be the best student in your class in a boring class. Of course, this doesn't mean you should relax to the point of failing exams; remember that if you fail, you will have to take the class again!

Analyze what are the minimum requirements to pass the subject? Just pass them and wait for the end of the semester

Survive the Class You Hate Step 15

Step 4. Discuss the problems with the teacher

If you are unable to enjoy the class or are getting stressed about the subject, talk to the teacher. It will most likely help you, especially if you really want to pass the subject without causing any problems.

  • Talk to the teacher after class. Say something like "I want to do well in class, but I'm having trouble paying attention and learning the subject. What can I do to improve"?
  • If you learn better through visuals, ask if the teacher could incorporate using more diagrams and graphs in the material to facilitate learning. If you learn through practical activities, see if the teacher can't come up with more practical lessons.
Survive the Class You Hate Step 16

Step 5. Drop the matter if possible

In college, it is possible to drop out of some subjects, as long as they are not fundamental to your education. In some cases it is better to give up, change teachers or leave to take the subject later on.

Watch the same class with another teacher to see if you can transfer without causing problems for everyone


  • Make friends in class so you can face boredom together.
  • Be respectful to the teacher, even if you don't like him or the class.


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