3 Ways to Miss Class

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3 Ways to Miss Class
3 Ways to Miss Class

Although no adults will admit it, there are classes so boring that nothing is really learned from them. It's possible to kill these classes with little effort and negligible consequences, but you have to be careful. Don't make a habit of it so you don't get discouraged or repeat the year for absences.


Method 1 of 3: Requesting Dismissal

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Step 1. Call the school to let them know you will be late or absent

Say you have a doctor's appointment or a family event to go and will therefore have to be away. Don't try to imitate your mom or dad's voice, the school staff are not idiots. Ideally, someone else will cover for you.

Your older brother or cousin can be good choices, or even a kind neighbor and siblings of friends. Whoever you are, remember to instruct them to be brief and not give details

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Step 2. Schedule (or pretend to schedule) an appointment

A good idea is to convince your parents that you have a dentist or doctor appointment and ask them to call the school in person to let them know you will be absent. So school will be the last of your problems.

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Step 3. Never give details

When talking about the imaginary consultation, be vague and do not give details about it so as not to generate suspicion and get caught in the jump. If your brother is going to call, he can tell you that you have an appointment with the doctor and won't be able to go to class today, that's pretty vague and won't arouse suspicion.

Method 2 of 3: Pretending to be sick

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Step 1. Get ready to act

Don't tell the teacher you're about to throw up if you were playing and throwing paper balls the other five minutes before, he's not a fool. To use this excuse, you will have to act for an entire day:

  • Maintain a serious, uncomfortable expression throughout the day. Spend most of the time quiet, holding your head in your hands with a look of pain. Squint your eyes and sigh every now and then.
  • Take your time. Wait until someone notices you look bad instead of starting the subject. If you're consistent, hold your head down and look sick, your teacher will eventually ask what's wrong and you might say "I don't know, I'm not okay." Don't force it, be natural.
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Step 2. Ask to go to the infirmary

After a long time “feeling sick”, tell the teacher “I'm feeling sick, I have a headache and nausea. Can I go to the infirmary and take a pill?" and as soon as he allows you, you will be free of the first hindrance.

Another option is to get up quickly from your chair and ask to go to the bathroom after the act. Leave the class in a hurry, as if you were about to throw up, and go quietly to the bathroom. Spend time inside, wash your hands, and come back to class after you've been "vomiting" for a long time. When you arrive, tell the teacher that you threw up in the bathroom and ask to go to the nurse's office

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Step 3. Describe the “symptoms” to the nurse

You have several options of what to talk about, depending solely on your intention, whether it's getting a layoff for the whole day or simply spending the day lying on the gurney:

  • To get the waiver without giving too much detail, say that you vomited. No one in their right mind will be holding a kid who just vomited in the bathroom, running the risk of contaminating the entire school. The nurse will contact your parents and ask them to pick you up or let you go.
  • To wind up until the end of class a headache is enough. Take a nap in the infirmary instead of facing another extremely boring class. When class is over, the nurse will likely check that you are feeling better and give you the option to stay a little longer, go back to class, or be excused.
  • To leave without calling your house simply leave school instead of going to the infirmary. Enjoy your day.

Method 3 of 3: Leaving School During Class Hours

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Step 1. Know the attendance rules

Each (private) school has a different rule regarding student absences. Find out how many misses you already have and what the consequences will be if you miss again. Even if the plan is to leave unnoticed, chances are your teacher will notice and mark the absence. You need to know if the next one will result in failure or if you will simply lose points in attendance.

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Step 2. Choose the class that will “cut”

Choose a teacher who is not in the habit of filling out the attendance sheet during class. It's easier to miss out unnoticed if you don't miss the last classes and if he is more relaxed and only fills out the report after school hours.

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Step 3. Have a justification ready, if possible

Each teacher will believe your apology once or twice, which greatly limits the use of this feature; however, if the teacher falls for the tale you will have a worry-free day of vacation. Here are some ideas:

  • Act impatiently and say that you really need to go to the bathroom.
  • This works even better if you're a girl – say that your period has gone down, or that you have “women's problems”.
  • Make a sad face and say that you need to talk to the advisor.
  • Forget your backpack or anything else outside the classroom on purpose. Say you lost your backpack and reinforce the urgency to look for it (inside the backpack are my wallet, my medicine, etc., but without really losing them, ok?).
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Step 4. Don't be the student tourist

Leave your backpack with someone or in a safe place, so you don't look like you're running away from school in a suitcase and gourd.

To avoid the eyes of school security guards, wear neat clothes and pretend you're an adult. This will only work if you are tall, if the school is large, and if no one looks directly at you. This is a risky move, especially if you are popular

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Step 5. Leave the previous class a little early

Tell the teacher that you need to go to the bathroom five minutes before the end of class. Even if he doesn't, you'll have a good excuse to run out of class as soon as the bell rings. The idea is to get as far as possible while the corridors are still full of people.

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Step 6. Use a fake permission

Forging a leave of absence from school can be problematic depending on the school you attend. It is possible to make a copy of a permit issued by the board and forge the signature of a parent or guardian. That way you can leave the school through the front door, happy and content; just be careful as the school may call your parents to confirm authorization.

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Step 7. Hide yourself

Stay in the bathroom or other secret corners if security guards are in the hallways between classes and wait until everyone has entered the classroom. Once the bar is clean, exit through the least problematic spot.

If it's impossible to break through school security, or if you don't have a nice place to go during school hours, hide in a bathroom cabin and spend the entire class there. Your cell phone better have a maximum battery charge and a nice game for it to be worth it – another good option is to read a book! Nobody said that skipping school is not culture

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Step 8. Don't go to safety-mandated places

In some places, schools send security guards around the neighborhood and nearby to pick up students who are cheating. Do not go to malls, parks or squares near the school (especially if you are in uniform and with friends). Go to distant neighborhoods, stay away from the school perimeter and try not to be seen by your parents' friends and acquaintances.

Once you get out of school, walk fast and go as far away and discreet as you can. Don't go through windows or open fences so that no one can see you outside

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Step 9. Prepare to face your parents

As mentioned earlier, some schools call the student's home to confirm the absence with the parents. You know your parents better than anyone else, and depending on their reaction, you may decide to take up the transgression or make something up.

  • Use the school rules to your advantage. If the policy is to make an absence within five minutes of the call, say you were late for that class, or that you went to the bathroom at the end of the last class and didn't have time to answer it.
  • If one of your parents is more relaxed than the other, wait until he is present to bring it up (if necessary).


  • Talk to the counselor if the reason for your absence is a violent student or a teasing teacher.
  • It's easier to miss a period than the whole day and your parents probably won't care as much (if your grades are good).
  • Don't give a flag. If a teacher sees you at a sensitive point in the operation, don't hide or run away. Always act calmly.
  • Create a contact on your cell phone called “Mom” or “Dad” with your phone number. So you can send yourself SMS messages as if you were one of them giving permission to leave the school and show it to the teacher.
  • Watch the movie "Enjoying the Crazy Life" for inspiration.


  • If you are caught skipping class, you may be suspended and, depending on how many suspensions you already have, may be expelled from school.
  • Some schools miss every class if you miss only the first one.

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