How to Date a Rich Man: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Date a Rich Man: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Date a Rich Man: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

You've never dated an older man before, and now you're nervous because you don't know how you're going to fit in? Wondering how you can have such a serious relationship without feeling out of place and want to make it clear that you love your partner because of their personality, not the money? Read this article to find out!


Date a Rich Man Step 1

Step 1. Think about your motivations

Reflect: are you by chance in love with a man who has money or are you with him precisely because of the financial situation? If the diamond earrings and other gifts he can give are more important than the caresses they exchange, it's because you've got the wrong reasons in mind-and things aren't going to work out. Make the following reflections to try to understand yourself:

  • Would I still be attracted if he didn't have luxury homes and cars? If you think you might lose interest if the man lived in an ordinary apartment and drove a car older than yours, it's because you like what he has, not what he is.
  • Are you in your early 20s while he's about to retire? As much as age does not matter, society views relationships with very wide differences with a bad eye.
  • Does the fact that he's rich come to mind when someone asks what you like most about the relationship? If you get obsessed with this financial aspect, it's because you don't respect the other qualities a man has-or maybe there aren't any other interesting aspects at all.
  • Do you have the "habit" of only dating rich men? If he is your tenth partner in good financial condition, then money may be very important in your life. In that case, think carefully about what you want to find in a relationship.
Date a Rich Man Step 2

Step 2. Take advantage of the things that money can offer, but without failing to reciprocate

As good as drinking champagne and caviar every day is great, don't overdo it-or the man will end up thinking you're with him because of your financial situation rather than your intelligence, sense of humor or something else. Moderate your wishes and requests.

  • Pay the bills from time to time. As much as you don't have a lot of money, show that you care about this issue - even if you only pay for movie tickets or drinks after your boyfriend has paid for dinner, for example. Also try to visit restaurants that have pleasant surroundings, affordable prices and quality food combined with more perks such as live musical performances.
  • Make a simple but interesting homemade dinner. Invite your boyfriend to something at home and prepare something delicious and affordable, along with a good bottle of wine. If you prefer, prepare a nice picnic that shows your commitment to planning everything you do together.
  • Invite him to another activity that is not expensive. You can hike, hike or sunbathe on the beach. If the weather is cold and doesn't help, ask your boyfriend to visit a museum or a new bookstore in the mall. Gestures like these will show that his company is more important than any gift.
Date a Rich Man Step 3

Step 3. Don't be embarrassed because he has money

If he's the right person for you, you won't like to hear him talk about it every day, as he can be insecure and uncertain about dating.

  • When introducing it to your friends, ask everyone to be discreet. If one of them says something like "Wow, so you're the rich guy I've heard so much about," it might seem like that's your only important quality.
  • Don't stop him from buying you something dear from time to time, like tickets to an opera performance or a vacation trip. Don't spoil these gestures by saying they cost "a fortune" - or it could ruin the romantic mood.
Date a Rich Man Step 4

Step 4. Try to adapt to his lifestyle

As much as you don't have to imitate him (especially if you don't have a lot of money), it's still good to share moments and get a better sense of the world he lives in. The more aspects they have in common, the closer their bonds will become.

  • Take good care of your appearance. Try to impress him with the clothes you wear, even if you buy and customize inexpensive pieces. Swap diamonds for jewelry, buy expensive handbag imitations, or wait until big brands make unmissable sales. Also, invest in "real" products from time to time - after all, it's quality, not quantity, that matters. That way, your look will always be flawless.
  • Cultivate habits typical of rich people. Try exotic sports like polo or tennis to acquire new skills, make friends and have fun!
Date a Rich Man Step 5

Step 5. Remember that money talks and learn to talk to it

If you really want to be with this rich man, you'll probably have to meet his friends and relatives - who will also be on good terms. Try to make a good first impression and show how much you like your boyfriend - not his yacht, for example.

  • If you get nervous when meeting his friends, be discreet and observe the group dynamics, trying to start pleasant conversations that make it clear that the difference in your financial situation is not an issue.
  • When meeting his family, try not to talk about money or the extravagant things they do together. If he has dated a goldfish girl before, his relatives will back off with any new girlfriend.
  • Act naturally. Even if you have to adapt in the first interactions, remember to be genuine. If your boyfriend likes you because of your personality, friends and family will feel the same way.
Date a Rich Man Step 6

Step 6. Always dedicate yourself to the relationship, whether your partner is rich or poor

In the end, financial power doesn't make people all that different. Face your dating like any other.

  • Always be open and honest with your boyfriend. Say anything that comes to mind, even if you're bothered by the financial difference between you.
  • Every day, think of a new reason why you love your boyfriend and show that you like who he is, not what he has.
  • If you really like him, don't feel guilty about enjoying the possible benefits of dating. If you can spend a holiday in Europe, for example, have fun!


  • As good as this man is at heart, remember that money corrupts people.
  • Many rich men are aggressive. Prepare for possible problems.
  • Rich people can live busy, putting work above family.

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