How to Make Fringe on Men: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make Fringe on Men: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make Fringe on Men: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Fringes play a huge role in our appearance, and while many men don't care much for them, they'd be surprised how much they'd change just by arranging them differently. That's why it's important to have some basic knowledge about grooming and trimming your hair yourself to keep your hair looking fresh. The most important tips are about the bangs, how to tidy and trim them from time to time, leaving them with a good cut and finding the style that best suits you.


Part 1 of 3: Preparing for the cut

Cut Bangs for Men Step 1

Step 1. Think about how you want to look

Before you start cutting your bangs, you need to know what style you want. Do you work in a place that requires you to always look neat and tidy? Can you imagine yourself with a bolder cut? Think through these details to correctly assess the length and cut you want to make.

Consider the natural texture of your hair before choosing a cut

Cut Bangs for Men Step 2

Step 2. Use the right scissors

Invest in scissors that have small, sharp blades and a soft cut. This will make the job easier, as the smaller blades will keep you from cutting too much hair at once. Also, the chances of damaging your hair are less than using just any scissors.

  • Cuticle scissors or whiskers are also used to cut bangs.
  • The sharper the scissors are, the better. Sharp scissors will cut your hair without much effort, resulting in a cleaner cut and preventing hair damage.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 3

Step 3. Wash and comb your hair

For starters, you need to have your hair very clean and tangled up. Wash it in warm water with shampoo, rinse well and run a comb through the hair, removing all the knots. Thus, there is a guarantee that the cut will be defined and precise.

  • Using conditioner on frizzy hair can help, making it softer in appearance and feel.
  • Comb your hair forward, covering your forehead. This will make it easier to split it and hold it for cutting.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 4

Step 4. Trim your hair while it is still damp

Do not wait until it is completely dry to cut the bangs, as this task is easier with damp hair, which becomes more malleable and heavier. The ideal is to wash your hair, wring it out or remove excess water with a towel, and make the cut.

  • Remember that hair will shrink when drying, so be careful with the length.
  • Use a water spray bottle to dampen your hair if it dries out while you cut or style it.

Part 2 of 3: Cutting the Fringe

Cut Bangs for Men Step 5

Step 1. Separate the strand you want to cut

For a more conventional fringe, grab hair from the entire front of the forehead, starting at the temples. If you want a side bangs, or more asymmetrical, get more or less hair from the forehead and ears. Knowing exactly what you want will help with this strand separation step.

  • Choose a length and style that suits your face, highlighting your strengths.
  • Remember that your hair will hang on the side where it is longest.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 6

Step 2. Run a comb through a small lock of hair

Stop a little before reaching the tip, so that only about 1 cm of the strands is exposed. This will give you more control over the cut, avoiding trimming more hair than you intend.

  • Lift the hair well away from the root when cutting.
  • Use a fine comb to comb and hold your hair better.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 7

Step 3. Make an angle when cutting your hair

Cutting a straight bangs may not look good, making the hair look uncut. And since the idea is to highlight your face even more, avoid this approach. Instead, hold the scissors perpendicular to the comb, cutting the hair with just the tip of the scissors.

  • Cutting hair angularly results in more textured and lighter layers, making the hair look fuller.
  • Remember to make the entire lock the same length.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 8

Step 4. Make short, quick cuts

Instead of using scissors like when cutting a piece of paper, that is, using the entire length of the blade. A haircut requires shorter movements. The idea is to take just a little bit of the length and make it harder to make mistakes.

Try not to cut more than half an inch of hair at a time

Cut Bangs for Men Step 9

Step 5. Cut slowly and deliberately

Don't be in a hurry when cutting your bangs. Start in the middle and then move to the sides, keeping everything symmetrical. Cut small pieces at a time and take a look in the mirror to see how you're doing. Don't forget that cut hair cannot be put back on the head.

  • Always be very careful. You might be surprised at the huge difference a few inches of hair can make.
  • Be patient. It's better to trim your hair slowly and carefully than to try to do everything too quickly.

Part 3 of 3: Shaping the Fringe

Cut Bangs for Men Step 10

Step 1. Keep your hair neat

It doesn't matter if you work in an office, you just don't like bangs to hang over your forehead, or want a neater style, an elegant bangs conveys order and maturity in a way that messy hair never could. Comb the fringe to the shortest side, highlighting its symmetry and style.

  • For tidier hairstyles, the fringe should be more symmetrical, without too long a part.
  • Cut your hair frequently to prevent it from getting too long around the neck and ears.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 11

Step 2. Choose a more disheveled look

Many men abuse the practicality of purposefully messy hair. This is a modern style that needs little care and looks attractive without looking sloppy. In addition, the hairstyle is suitable for both professional and casual environments, when done well.

  • There's a very fine line between purposefully disheveled hair and one that's just messed up anyway, so it's important to use a gel or ointment to keep it under control.
  • If you choose this style, keep a focal point, gradually transitioning to the center of your forehead. That way, you don't run the risk of getting your hair completely messed up.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 12

Step 3. Think about how to part your hair

If you want to split it in another way, just cut the bangs to different lengths on the opposite side to which you always split it. If, for example, you can only leave your hair to the left, make the bangs a little longer on the right, making it fall to that side of your face. In addition, you can also make your hair the same length, from the ears to the nape of the neck, so that the part between the eyebrows attracts more attention.

  • Let the longer part fall onto your forehead, or leave it behind when you want to give a tidier image.
  • Comb your hair up or down and find where it naturally breaks down.
Cut Bangs for Men Step 13

Step 4. As for curly hair, make it shorter at the back and sides

This type of hair ends up taking on a mushroom shape as it grows, and if you want to avoid this effect, make the hair shorter around the ears, temples and nape, leaving it longer at the top of the head. Also, a layered cut will look best on men with medium hair, avoiding a too disheveled appearance.

  • Make the back and sides of the hair with an electric machine in a very low number.
  • Use a dab of ointment and a comb or your own fingers to brush aside the bangs, or pull them down.


  • To find out if the cut looks good or if it's done correctly, go to a professional.
  • You can arrange the bangs to hide a very large forehead or balance out the shape of longer faces.
  • Use multiple mirrors to get a better view of the cutting results.
  • Check out men's fashion magazines and some websites to get more ideas about the look you want to achieve.


  • Be careful with the scissors. Keep it away from eyes, ears and scalp. To make it easier, always hold your hair away from your face.
  • Don't forget that once cut, the hair doesn't fall back into place. So take it easy and cut carefully, because if you make a mistake, the only option is to wait until your hair grows back.

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