How to Grow a Mullet Hairstyle: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Grow a Mullet Hairstyle: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Grow a Mullet Hairstyle: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Mullet is a well-known hairstyle, but not always considered pretty. Many celebrities have used it in the past, including David Bowie and Kurt Russell. Growing a mullet is quite simple, just let the hair grow out and make the top of the head shorter. If you are not in the habit of cutting your own hair, it might be better to go to a hairdresser. Below you will find tips on how to cut your own hair and how to style a mullet.


Part 1 of 3: Cutting the Front

Grow a Mullet Step 1

Step 1. Let your hair grow back

Before you can flaunt the mullet around with confidence, you need to let your hair grow a little. Obviously, the length depends on your personal taste.

  • The longer the hair, the more defined the mullet will be. Try to let the back grow from 5 cm to 15 cm.
  • For a well-defined mullet, ideally the back should be at least 10 cm larger than the front.
Grow a Mullet Step 2

Step 2. Part the hair

Use some bobby pins to divide the top of the head into three sections: one in the middle and two on the sides. The idea is to start from the front hairline and go to the back curve of the head.

Comb back the hair you want to keep long and secure it with a hairpin

Grow a Mullet Step 3

Step 3. Cut the fringe.

Let's start with the center section of hair: comb it forward, over your forehead, and cut the bangs to the desired length. The size and angle are just up to personal preference!

  • Always work in parts when cutting the bangs. As much as the idea is to keep everything at the same length, go little by little.
  • Choose a side to start. Hold a strand of fringe between your fingers and cut very carefully, running from the center outwards. It is better to cut a little at first, after all, it is possible to shorten the hair later, but it is not possible to increase it if you cut it too much.
  • For a side bang, hold the scissors at an angle when cutting.
Grow a Mullet Step 4

Step 4. Trim the sides

Choose a side to start with and comb it forward. Use the fringe as a guide for length and cut the hair on the side of the head at an angle, from the bottom to the top. The strands should be longer at the top of the head and shorter as they get closer to the ears. Comb your hair down when doing your little foot.

Cut the hair close to the ear bit by bit. Comb it back and forth, cutting about 0.5 cm at a time. To help mask the difference in size between the top and bottom of the head, make vertical cuts

Grow a Mullet Step 5

Step 5. Cut the top of the hair

Comb from the sides to the center, lifting the strands and holding them to the top of the head. Use fringe as a guide for length.

Take it easy and take your time. It is important that the cut is smooth and uniform. Start at the front and work your way to the back of your head

Grow a Mullet Step 6

Step 6. Decrease the contrast between the top of the head and the sides

Comb the top over the sides and see if there are any pieces that are awkward or with differing length.

  • The idea is to make the three parts of the head (the sides and the crown) a similar length. Look closely at the region where they meet to see if there is no longer strand.
  • Run the comb through your hair to see if you like the result. If it's too long, cut back on top. Then adjust the sides.

Part 2 of 3: Making a classic mullet

Grow a Mullet Step 7

Step 1. Comb the back of your hair

Loosen the strands and comb them down, smoothing the hair well to facilitate the cut.

Grow a Mullet Step 8

Step 2. Cut the back

Work with thin strands, pulling your hair up. Use the overhead strands as a guide for length.

  • To make cutting easier, hold a strand of back hair close to a strand of hair on the crown.
  • Continue until you cut all the hair from the back of the head, creating a layered look.
  • Comb the back and see if the length is good.
Grow a Mullet Step 9

Step 3. Merge the length with the sides

Take a look in the mirror and see if there is any disproportionately long locks between the back and sides of the head. Cut so that the strands are uniform in size.

Part 3 of 3: Trying Out Other Options

Grow a Mullet Step 10

Step 1. Scrape the sides

For a more modern look, try shaving the sides of your head. The idea is to make the hair on top of the head big, but smaller than the mullet.

When shaving the sides, leave a strip of hair on top of the head, running towards the back. Also scrape the sides of the mullet, creating a mohawk type all over the head. If you like, you can ruffle your hair like a traditional mohawk

Grow a Mullet Step 11

Step 2. Leave a pompadour tuft on top

To get the style right, you'll need to keep your hair a little long in the fringe. Start at the back of the crown, combing the strands of hair back using gel. The idea is to mix the hair on the top of the head with the mullet.

  • Work your way up to the bangs, combing back strand by strand. Comb the fringe up and back, creating a high wavy.
  • The back of the hair can be as long as you like.
Grow a Mullet Step 12

Step 3. Make a low mullet

Machine the top of the hair, but leave the back long. This is a good option for those with curly hair.

You can make the mullet a little long, so it's neat, or it's really long. It's your choice


  • If you don't feel comfortable cutting your own hair, go to a hairdresser.
  • There are many types of mullets. Try a little to find one that works for you!

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